"Honeymoon Killer" Faces Trial at Home

Gabe Watson, the "Honeymoon Killer," has returned home to the U.S. after a prison term in Australia, and will now face charges in Alabama for allegedly killing his wife 11 days after their wedding. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He is known around the world as the "Honeymoon Killer" and now he is facing trial in the United States.
Prosecutors say Gabe Watson murdered his new bride, Tina, on their honeymoon in Australia, 11 days after their wedding in 2003.
Photos show Tina on her honeymoon, enjoying the sights in Sydney, Australia and even posing with a koala.

But when the couple went scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef, the honeymoon took a tragic turn. The last photo of Tina was taken by an unsuspecting diver moments before she drowned, 50 feet below the surface.
Prosecutors say while they were diving, Gabe gave Tina a bear hug so he could in order to dislodge her air tube. She panicked and drowned.

Investigators became suspicious when he told them there was nothing he could do to save her even though he's a certified rescue diver.
Australian police did a reenactment underwater at the Great Barrier Reef to demonstrate how they say Watson killed his wife by disconnecting her air tube.

When police interrogated Gabe, he claimed Tina's drowning was just a horrible accident and he couldn't save her.

"She was looking up, had both arms out and reached, stretched up almost like, looking at me, reached her arms up to grab," he said.

Watson returned home to Alabama and even got remarried to his new wife Kim.

But at the nearby cemetery where Tina was buried, someone had been stealing flowers from her gravesite.

Tina's father thought it was Gabe, and it turned out he was right. Police set up a surveillance camera and captured shocking video of Gabe actually removing flowers from Tina's grave.

But it wasn't until 2008 when Australian prosecutors finally charged Gabe with murder, claiming he killed his wife to collect her $200,000 insurance policy.

Gabe pled guilty to manslaughter and served 18 months in an Australian prison.
After his release Gabe returned to the United States. On November 30th, he appeared before a Los Angeles judge who ordered him returned to Alabama where he is being charged with his wife's murder.
"What we want is to see him face the evidence for the very first time, before a jury and stand before that evidence and answer to it," said Tina's father, Tommy Thomas, during an appearance on Good Morning America.

Even though Gabe Watson served time in Australia, if convicted he still faces life imprisonment in Alabama because that's where prosecutors say he planned the murder.