Woman Found Stabbed to Death Near Manson Slayings is ID'd After Nearly 50 Years

Los Angeles police have ID'd the body of a woman found stabbed 150 times in 1969 near the site of the Manson family killings.

Police have finally identified the Jane Doe who was found stabbed 150 times near the site of the Manson family slayings in 1969.

Reet Jurvetson, who moved to Los Angeles from Montreal that year at the age of 19, was the woman found murdered near off Mulholland Drive, police told People.

Jurvetson's body was discovered in dense brush November 16, 1969 by a birdwatcher. She had no identification.

Jurvetson became known as Jane Doe No. 59 after her body went unidentified for years. Her remains were discovered a few miles from the locations of several Manson family murders, which occurred in the few months prior to the discovery.

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At the time, an employee at the Spahn Ranch, where the Manson family were frequently seen, told police the victim looked like a hippie girl named Sherry who hung out there.

However, police said this week they used DNA to identify Jurvetson after her sister recognized a photo posted of the young woman's body online.

Jurvetson's sister, Anne Jurvetson, told People her family had received a postcard from Los Angeles but they never heard from her again.

Anne Jurvetson said their parents never reported her sister missing and instead just assumed she was "just living her life somewhere."

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She was only allowed to live that life for a couple of months after leaving Canada, however. And investigators want to know who's at fault.

LAPD detectives interviewed Charles Manson, who is now 81 and living in a California prison, about the crime in October. 

While they said that interview ended with "no new leads," Det. Luis Rivera and his partner have not ruled out other Manson family members.

What's clear, however, is that this was a crime of passion.

"It was personal," Rivera said. "It was a maniac…or love gone wrong." 

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