Lazy Driver Walks Her Dog Beside Her Moving Car

A video shows another driver confronting the woman about the dog.

A California woman was filmed driving down a street holding her dog’s leash while the Pit Bull was running beside it.

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Amanda Brajkovich shot the disturbing video on her cellphone in Stockton, California earlier this week.

She was so upset she confronted the driver and asked why the dog was being dragged.

The dog’s owner told Brajkovich: “He wasn't being dragged. I was watching his leash. There was no tension.”

The concerned videographer told the driver: “I heard him yelp – that’s cruelty! You don’t do that to a dog!”

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Brajkovich told IE that she was shocked to witness the event.

“I've never seen anything like this before,” she said. “She could've caused an accident.”

The Stockton Police Department said officers reviewed the video and did not believe there was evidence of animal cruelty, but officials said the motorist would have been charged with distracted driving if she had been seen by an officer.

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