Woman Wanted For Throwing Hot Starbucks Coffee at Another Woman's Face: Cops

According to the police, the brawl between the two women in their 40s and 50s began when the suspect threw a Starbucks coffee stirrer at the victim.

Police are seeking information about a woman who they say was involved in an assault outside of a Philadelphia Starbucks, where a cup of hot coffee reportedly was thrown at the victim.

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According to the Philadelphia Police Department, a black woman wearing pink pants and carrying a pink handbag was at theStarbucks on 1600 Arch Street on Monday morning when she allegedly threw a coffee stirrer at the 54-year-old victim.

Police told IE.com that the cause of the original argument is unknown.

When the two women exited the chain coffee shop, they were caught on security camera reportedly continuing their dispute.

The suspect, who police believe to be in her mid-40s, can be seen approaching the victim, who backed up from the confrontation.

The suspect can then be seen physically attacking the victim and appeared to throw the fresh coffee in her face. In the following scene, the suspect was against a planter at the top of the steps.

In a statement, police reported that "the suspect then grabbed the complainant by her hair pulling her to the ground where she continued punching her."

Finally, a passerby appeared to separate the women and lifted the victim up off the ground.

Officer O'Brien from the Philadelphia Police Department told IE.com that while the victim appeared to have coffee thrown at her face, she did not require hospitalization or any transportation to medical care.

Though Starbucks has not yet responded to IE.com's request for comment, O'Brien said it is the company's decision whether or not they will get involved since it happened off their property.

Police said they do not yet have any suspects in custody, and they encourage anyone with leads on the 5'10", 130-pound woman to contact them anonymously.

While O'Brien said they have not received any other leads regarding the incident, the Philadelphia Police Station hopes that posting the incident on social media will help them come closer to arresting a suspect.

"We've cleared above and beyond close to 500 jobs [with] the public's assistance," O'Brien told IE.com. "It's a good use of social media, and posting on our website."

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