Man Discovers 9-Foot Alligator Lounging in Living Room of Louisiana Home

"We're from Louisiana, so we're used to it. Just not in the house," one of the men laughed.

This alligator did not knock before making itself at home. 

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When Kenny McCaa walked into a house under construction in Louisiana, he was greeted by a nine-foot alligator that had taken up residence in the living room, KNOE reported.

"First thing I thought was, I ain't getting paid enough money for this," McCaa told, and laughed.

McCaa told that he was with a work colleague and homeowner David Bradford when they saw the massive gator.

"His mouth was open, he was hissing, he was getting a little upset," McCaa said.

Bradford called the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Officials there sent Jeromy Pruitt, the local animal nuisance remover and reality star, who was featured on two seasons of Swamp People.

Pruitt told he'd "never seen an alligator in a living room. That's a first."

Pruitt, who is also McCaa's longtime friend, said he brought the 250-pound alligator outside and "made him spin to wear him down,

"That tires him out so he wouldn’t fight me," he told "Their joints lock up and it was easy for me to grab him."

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The TV star, who has been working with alligators since he was eight, returned the gator to the wild.

"We're from Louisiana, so we're used to it. Just not in the house," McCaa laughed.

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