Corrections Officer Gives Up His Badge To Embark On New Career in Professional Baseball

According to the Bossier Parish's Sheriff's Office, correction's officer Randy Zeigler's left-handed fastball was recorded at a whopping speed of 91 mph.

This officer is about to trade in his badge for a baseball.

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After 10 months of serving the Bossier Parish, Louisiana community, corrections officer Randy Zeigler said his goodbyes to the sheriff's office on Thursday to chase a new dream -- professional baseball.

According to the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office, a White Sox recruiter noticed the 26-year-old's impressive left-handed fastball and spread the word, all the way to the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

"I told them I hadn't thrown a ball in three years," Zeigler said, but when he showed the Lincoln Nebraska Saltdogs recruiter his throw, they were impressed.

Just like when he was a senior in college, his leftie fastball was recorded at a whopping speed of 91 miles per hour.

He told that when he was attending the Louisiana State University, he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants for the 2012 season.

But life got in the way. Zeigler told that he left the team after spring training. He was getting married and he "just couldn't make ends meet with the low baseball salary at the time."

He then went on to work in the oil field, before he started at the sheriff's department.

This time, when opportunity knocked, he knew he had to answer. Zeigler couldn't refuse his dream a second time.

"I think it's the talent the good lord's given me and I wanna use the gifts he has given me to the best of my ability," he said in a video on the Bossier Parish Sheriffo's Office's Facebook Page.

He told that this time, he is less worried about the pay cut: "If this is what I am meant to do, [God] will provide a way."

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"He's a pitcher, he's left handed, and that can take him a long way," Lieutenant Billy Jones said in the video. "If he don't go he'll never know what he could have done. My hat's off to him, I wanna see him do good and chase his dream."

Captain Linton Jacobs agreed, saying: "He's chasing his dream. I hope the best of him, I hope he goes out and remembers us down the road."

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