Family Welcomes First Baby Girl in More Than 100 Years

The Underdahl family refused to believe they were having a girl until she was born.

For the first time in more than 100 years, the Underdahl family has welcomed a baby girl into its midst.

“We all expected it to be a boy,” said grandpa Conrad Underdahl. “I had four boys. I was a single boy. I expected it to be a boy,” he told IE.

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The last time a girl was born into the family was 1914. Then along came Auerelia, who arrived on April 12 and broke the long tradition.

Mom Ashton Underdahl, who has a toddler son named Archer, also expected her second child to be a boy.

“I had actually already bought little boy bedding for baby number two and then I found out it was a girl,” she said.

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When a sonogram showed her baby was a girl, the family had a hard time believing it.

But now they are tickled pink.

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