NYPD Cop Convicted of Stomping Subdued Suspect's Head While He Was Face-Down on Pavement

A New York Police Department officer has been convicted of assault after being captured on video stomping the head of a suspect.

A New York Police Department officer captured on video stomping a subdued suspect's head was found guilty of assault Friday.

Joel Edouard, 38, was convicted of one count of third-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor, according to a statement released by Kings County District Attorney Ken Thompson.

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The incident, which drew an angry crowd of onlookers who took cellphone videos, occurred two years ago in Brooklyn. 

"This police officer, in broad daylight and in front of a crowd of people, stomped on the head of a suspect while he lay on the ground, subdued and surrounded by other officers. That's why he was indicted, put on trial and convicted. His conduct was simply outrageous," said Thompson.

According to trial testimony, Edouard and his partner saw suspect Jahmi-El Cuffee, 32, drinking on a sidewalk and possessing what appeared to be marijuana, Thompson said. Cuffee resisted and tusseled with the officers and other cops responded to the scene, the prosecutor said.

Edouard briefly pointed his gun at Cuffee as officers subdued him, and later walked away, then returned and stomped his foot onto Cufee's head, causing it to hit the concrete, the prosecutor said. 

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Cuffee suffered cuts and bruises.

Edourad faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail at his June 10 sentencing hearing.

His defense attorney claimed the officer brought his boot down on the man's hand and that he regretted his actions. Edourad was suspended from the department pending the results of his trial.

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