Billboard Outside North Carolina Town Asks If 'Homosexuality Is An Abomination?'

"Which is truth? Homosexuality is lawful (Supreme Court) or homosexuality is an abomination (Supreme Being)," reads the billboard.

A billboard erected outside a North Carolina town is causing many to do a double take for its divisive comments about homosexuality.

“Which is truth? Homosexuality is lawful (Supreme Court) or homosexuality is an abomnination(sic) (Supreme Being),” reads the billboard, which stands near North Broad Street just outside the town limits of Edenton, WAVY-TV reported.

The sign has left many in the community shocked, while others have stood by the billboard on the grounds of freedom of speech.

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“It’s shocking,” one resident told the television station. “Why spend the money for a billboard like that?”

But the man who claims to have paid for the sign said he has received many compliments for the sign.

“Are we going to follow what man says and their laws, or what God says?” the man told WAVY-TV, saying he will “not soften the truth” because it is relevant and good.

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Anne-Marie Knighton, Edenton’s town manager, told her office has received complaints about the sign, which went up about two weeks ago.

But the town has no legal authority to take it down, she said.

“The Town has absolutely no regulatory authority pertaining to messages on billboards.  I verified this with our Town Attorney - I am sure you can appreciate this is a First Amendment right,” Knighton said.

It was not immediately clear how much it cost to run the message on the billboard. 

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