See The Life-Threatening Car Crashes Caught on Dash Cam

People are increasingly installing cameras in their cars to catch bad drivers.

More drivers are installing dashboard cameras inside their cars -- and they're catching some shocking crashes.

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Los Angeles resident Doug Freeze has mounted two cameras inside his vehicle.

“One of them is pointing forward under the mirror, the other in the back,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

He said the cameras give him an extra line of defense. “I have my dash cams because I’m concerned about people hitting me and taking off," he said.

And he has good reason to worry. Another driver crashed right into his back bumper before speeding up and taking off.

“He started driving all over the place,” Freeze said. “I just let him go.”

He promptly turned the video over to the authorities and the suspect was caught.

Other drivers are using dash cams to document what happens to them on the road.

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The California Highway Patrol supports this growing phenomenon among drivers.

“It is a way of protecting themselves and also capturing moments, for example, road rage or highway violence,” a spokesperson from the highway patrol told IE.

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