Female Passenger Wears Lingerie to Avoid What She Says Are the TSA's Invasive Security Procedures

INSIDE EDITION talks to a woman who went through airport security in her lingerie to avoid the pat downs that she says she's beensubjected to.

A shocking sight at the Oklahoma City Airport!

Stunned passengers couldn't believe what they were seeing.

A woman in a bra, panties and a wheelchair is detained in the security line. She's barefoot, and get this—she has a little white dog in her lap.

"The more skin that they can see, the less areas that they have to pat down," explained Tammy Banovac, a retired dental surgeon from Phoenix, Arizona.

She says she has a medical condition which forces her to ride in a wheelchair in airports. She can't go through the metal detector, because the chair sets it off, so she always has to have a pat-down.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "Why did you choose to wear a bra and panties going through the screening?"

Tammy responded, "I decided to just start wearing lingerie so that I wouldn't be molested and groped all over."

Tammy isn't the only one who's resorted to extreme measures to avoid the new invasive pat-downs. One young woman caused a stir at Los Angeles International Airport when she wore a bikini as she was heading home from the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tammy says she wasn't embarrassed to be seen in her lingerie. She says she's always been comfortable with her body. She even posed for a 1997 layout in Playboy magazine.

Trent asked her, "Are you an exhibitionist?"

Tammy responded, "No. This was not a stunt. This was not something done to garner attention. This was not done for any reason except to expedite the process."

Despite the fact that Tammy was wearing next to nothing, she still failed to pass the TSA's rigorous screening. She missed her flight.

But she says she'd do it all over again to avoid those pat-downs.

"It was a grope. If it had been anywhere else it would have been a sexual assault. Seriously! I'm not exaggerating! Yeah!" said Tammy.

In a statement, the TSA told INSIDE EDITION Tammy was denied access because of unresolved alarms going off.