Former World Champion Boxer 'Sugar' Shane Mosley Rescues Toddler From Freeway Pile-Up

Former world champion boxer jumps into action and pulls baby from car wreck.

Former world champion boxer "Sugar" Shane Mosley saved a toddler from a four-car pile-up on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles.

The accident unfolded right in front of him on Sunday afternoon, he told KCAL-TV, and he stopped to help. "You don't know if the car is going to catch fire, what's going to happen, then seeing there's a baby in there," he said.

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The toddler, later identified as 2-year-old Dylan Levy, was in his car seat, screaming and bleeding, Mosley told the station. The baby's father, who was behind the wheel, was so shaken up he couldn't unlock the door to get his child out, Mosley said.

Mosley and his girlfriend called 911 and managed to get the child. "The baby was crying and bleeding, his neck was bruised," Mosley told the station.

He and his girlfriend grabbed the baby bag in the car and followed paramedics to the hospital, he said.

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There, they met the baby's mother, who is seven months pregnant, he said.

The dad "was crying and saying, 'you guys are like an angel and thank you for helping me. And being there for me and protecting my son,''' Mosley told the station. 

On Monday night, the child's dad, Aaron Levy, thanked the boxer for his "only selfless acts." He said he did not know his family had been helped by a boxing legend until they met.

"It was quite incredible that he put himself out there. But he was just being a great human being," Levy told CBS LA.

His son only suffered minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery, he told the station.

Mosley gave the family a pair of tickets to his May 28 fight against David Avanesyan in Arizona, he said.

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