Girl, 8, Creates Fundraiser And Asks Friends to Donate Instead of Buying Her Birthday Gifts

"I thought about the kids that do not get gifts on their birthdays. That made me sad," said Addie Perry, who turns 8 this month.

Most kids have a lengthy list of gifts they hope to receive for their birthday, but Addie Perry, who turns 8 on May 8, approached the celebration differently.

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"My parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I could not think of ANYTHING I wanted that I didn't already have," the girl from Bryan, Texas wrote on her website.

Instead of asking friends and family for more gifts, she decided to direct the presents to children who really needed them.

She enlisted the help of her dad and his coworker, and together they came up with a t-shirt, with the words "Play It Forward: Addie's Gift" written across the front.

As a personal thank you, she even tries to deliver local orders of each $10 t-shirt herself, with the guarantee that $5 from every purchase will be donated to Scotty's House, a local Texas charity that advocates for children who are victimized or abused.

"I thought about the kids that do not get gifts on their birthdays. Or the kids that are sick and can't have their friends over to celebrate their birthday. This made me sad," Addie wrote on Facebook.

"Her father and I have always taught the concept of karma," her mom, Sherry Perry, told

"It's pretty amazing," said her dad, Tony Perry, "for a young lady like that, that is normally about 'What kinds of things am I getting?' and she immediately said, 'What kinds of things can I give to someone else?'"

She even suggested in another post that if friends want to help the cause, but do not necessarily want the t-shirt, they could even gift the t-shirt to the children at Scotty's House.

Since the charity's conception on May 1, they have sold 26 t-shirts so far, and hope to meet their goal of 500 shirts sold by her birthday next week, Sherry told

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Even though Addie's t-shirt campaign will end at the end of the month, her efforts to help Scotty's House will live on. She said the logo was designed to be customized, and she hopes that other children would consider starting their own t-shirt campaign, with their own names across the t-shirt for the cause.

"There's been a lot of encouragement from parents," her mom said, hoping other well-off children at Addie's school will also want to do something similar for their birthdays.

"I just think if I do it other kids would like to do it," Addie said to KBTX, "so they can help kids, just like I am."

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