Body Cam Captures Firefighters Pulling 4 Kittens Out of Burning Debris

After soaking the cats in water, firefighters returned the four kittens to a mother cat, who was lingering by the scene.

When firefighters were called put out a minor structural fire, never did they expect that it would quickly become a kitten rescue mission.

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Firefighter Dale Meldin from the Turlock Fire Department told that when their team arrives on any scene, the first thing they consider is the victims that might be involved.

But when they responded to a pile of logs on fire near a northern California home Monday morning, they never expected to find four kittens, trapped underneath the logs after they put the fire out.

"We were cleaning up the scene and making sure all the fire was out, sifting through the burning pile of wood when firefighter Meldin located two cats, baby kittens," fire engineer Kevin Tidwell, who was on the scene, told "We heard the meowing of the kittens, so we sought out where that was coming from."

Meldin, who captured the whole rescue on his body cam, found two more kittens.

They were immediately handed off to other crew members to be cleaned of debris, soaked in water, and dried off as Meldin continued to clean up.

"Our whole goal is to help people, and help things," Meldin told "[It was] no different than what we would do for anyone else."

Though Tidwell said the cats didn't appear to be "associated with the house," firefighters did notice a larger cat, presumably the mother, lingering around the scene.

"We put the box in the same vicinity they were located. By the time we were cleaning up, the mom cat had gotten back with their kittens," Tidwell said.

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To be sure the kittens were doing better, Tidwell told they even went back to check.

"We checked on them later in the night. We had another call and we came back, and they were all gone, so we assumed they moved onto a new little home," Tidwell said.

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