Ex-Model Who Dated Trump Says He Still Loved Marla Maples After Their Split

Allison Giannini told INSIDE EDITION that she dated the billionaire 18 years ago after they met on a blind date.

Allison Giannini knows a side of Donald Trump few people ever will. She dated the billionaire 18 years ago.

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The pair was set up on a blind date soon after Trump separated from his second wife, Mara Maples.

Trump, then 50, and Giannini, then 27, went out on three dates in Aspen, Colorado in December 1997.

The former model, who graced the pages of Elle magazine, said the romance did not last and “he talked about Marla and how much he loved her.”

“He was just so smart, I know a lot of things are said about him, but to me he's a great, great guy,” she said. “We got along great.”

On their first date, she said, the restaurant comped their bill. The business mogul responded by tipping $100 on a $40 meal, she said.

Despite recent criticism of Trump's treatment of women, she said the real estate tycoon was a perfect gentleman.

“As far as treating women, he treated me just wonderfully,” she said. “I really think he has a very sweet side to him that a lot of people don't know [or] see. He was very gentlemanly, opening doors, pulling out chairs for me.”

She never heard from him after their time in Aspen. 

“It was the party season in Aspen, I never heard from him. He went his way. I went my way and that was it.”

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Giannini said that during their three dates she “only kissed him once” and that it was “a short peck.”

Their brief romance wasn't a total waste; the real estate tycoon gave her some great advice.

“He always said real estate would always go up in California and to buy and that's what I’ve done. I’ve listened to him and he was right,” she said.

Giannini is now a successful real estate agent selling luxury properties.

While they didn’t work out romantically, she said she is “a big Trump supporter” and will be voting for him.

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