Cop Drives Disabled Elderly Woman Home After She Struggles To Carry Groceries

A woman even meets the pair in the driveway to help with groceries, but the police officer responded, "No, I'm good. I can do it."

A kind-hearted police officer who gave an elderly woman a ride back to her Canada home is restoring hope in a neighborhood residents say is divided by gang violence.

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Angie Rai told that Florence Chartrand has been a tenant in her Surrey home for almost two years, and has quickly become part of the family.

"Our family is usually the one who drives her around" since the elderly woman is partially blind and uses a walker, Rai said.

But one day, no one was able to give the woman a ride, so Chartrand took a bus to shop.

“I was getting really tired because I had about 40 pounds on my walker,” Chartrand told CTV Vancouver.

A Surrey RCMP then noticed Chartrand struggling to get off the bus, and toward a hill on her walk home.

"He came up to her, and he said, 'That's quite a heavy load you're carrying,'" Rai told "That's when she was a little alarmed. She's partially blind, so she didn't know who it was."

But the police officer identified himself, and offered her a ride home. He escorted her into the patrol car, and loaded her groceries into the trunk.

It turned out the officer's mother also uses a walker, and he understood how difficult the journey must be, Chartrand told CTV Vancouver.

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Rai said her father, Gurmail Rai, was the first to notice the police cruiser pull up to their driveway, and was immediately on high alert. He instructed his other daughter to begin filming.

"He was scared. In our neighborhood, there's a lot of gang violence and turf wars, so it was a really scary thing to see a cop pull up," Rai said.

Moments later, Chartrand got out with a huge smile on her face. The police officer, carrying her heavy groceries, followed closely, the Viralhog video shows. 

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Rai's mother can even be seen in the video meeting the pair in the driveway to help with the groceries, but the cop, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: "No. I'm good, I can do it."


Officer says he is grateful for accolades, but was just doing his job. Wishes to remain anonymous

— Surrey RCMP (@SurreyRCMP) April 29, 2016

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