The Running Man Challenge Replaces the Ice Bucket Challenge As The Newest Viral Craze

Even the New Zealand Police Recruitment have challenged police forces around the world in a video of them doing The Running Man Challenge.

It seems 'The Running Man' obsession is making its mad dash around the world.

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In a salute to the ever-present mission to "Beat Navy," the athletics department at West Point  put together their rendition of the Running Man Challenge, choreographed to the 90s classic, 'My Boo,' by the Ghost Town DJs.

A lone cadet can be seen in the video standing in the middle of the field, when the 90s hit classic suddenly starts playing.

He is joined by several of his classmates who wave bayonets as they do the Running Man Challenge.

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But West Point's acknowledgement of the dance that's joining the ranks among the NaeNae or Gangnam Style as a cultural phenomenon.

Even police officers from New Zealand are doing the Running Man Challenge, saying, "We catch people on the run every day." 

With sirens blaring in the background, The NZ Police Recruitment called out police forces from Australia, to L.A. to the U.K. to join in on the craze.

According to, the Running Man Challenge began with New Jersey-based Instagram users Kevin Soze and Jerry Gunnz.

Since their original videos, the dance gain popularity after Maryland basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley started recording themselves doing the Running Man Challenge.

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They even used some creative licensing in many of their videos.

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Since then, the Running Man Challenge has taken over the world of college sports. 

It's since expanded to the pros, with a video of Justice Winslow of the Miami Heat creating a celebratory video.

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