Artist Says She Got a Black Eye For Painting Unflattering Nude Portrait of Trump

Ashley Gore says she was attacked by one of the billionaire's supporters.

Artist Ashley Gore claims she got a black eye after a Donald Trump supporter socked her over an unflattering nude portrait she painted of the billionaire.

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“Some people have said that I was asking for it because I painted Donald Trump nude and I was disrespectful,” the Los Angeles-based told IE.

The portrait showed Trump’s flabby body and attacked his manhood.

“The response was huge. I had 50 million views within three days of posting it,” she said.

But some Trump supporters weren't happy, she said. Over the weekend, one attacked her, she said.

“A man got out of the passenger side [of a car] and struck me in the face and the group of men who were in the car laughed, and yelled 'Trump 2016' and drove off,” she said.

Trump's arch enemy Rosie O’Donnell tweeted a photo of the artist’s black eye with the message "he will never be president."

Gore filed a police report after the incident. In the report, she says the suspect yelled "Trump” and “punched (her) in the face.”

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She also posted about the incident on Instagram.


Gore says the painting is now in London for safe-keeping. She admits that she didn't really paint Trump's body.

“I actually used the body of someone that I know,” she said. “I painted Donald Trump's head on to his body.”

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