Meet the Bride with No Groom

INSIDE EDITION meets up with the bride who has arranged every detail of her wedding, except for one…she hasn't found the groom yet.

A bride-to-be has picked out her wedding gown, her maid of honor, the wedding cake, the flowers, and the wedding hall. Just one key ingredient is missing.

"I need a husband!"

That's right, singer-songwriter Lisa Lenihan from Dallas has every wedding detail covered except the groom!

To accelerate her search for Mr. Right, Lenihan created a website called "Project Husband." It's received thousands of hits worldwide from Australia, China, Israel, Mexico, South America, England, and Germany.

But so far, no luck. And at age 35, Lenihan feels time is running out.

"I'm nurturing. I want to be a mom," she said.

Her biological clock isn't the only clock that's ticking. She's scheduled to walk the aisle on February 11th, 2011, just about two months from now!

Wedding planner Robin Toon has never seen anything like it.

"We're hoping for the groom and I'm hoping for her," she said.

Lenihan's dad, Steve, has faith in his daughter.

"If anyone can pull it off, she can," he said.

So will a prince charming sweep her off her feet in time for her big wedding day?

"I think love at first sight is possible," Lenihan said.