Colts Football Player Escorts High School Student Battling Lupus to Prom

Sequayah Lockett from Wayne High School said that the football player promised to take her to prom if her lupus symptoms had improved by the big night.

The true MVP of an Indiana high school's prom night was a student battling lupus, who even outshined Indiana Colts tight end Dwayne Allen, who went as the brave teen's date.

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Sequayah Lockett, a 17-year-old at Wayne High School, told WANE-TV that the football player promised to take her to prom if her lupus symptoms had subsided enough for her to attend the big night.

Sure enough, Sequayah did feel better, and she made sure Allen held up his end of the bargain.

"This is exciting!" she said to WANE-TV. "I was excited waiting for this day."

As the couple stepped out of their Mercedes van, they stunned the school in their matching black-tie ready outfits— Sequayah in a floor-length, burgundy dress and Allen in a matching red tie and pocket square.

"It's all about her," Allen said of his date's big night.

Sequayah first met the football player after she had been hospitalized in February, WANE-TV reported. She had been diagnosed with neurological lupus and her symptoms had worsened in the months leading up to the prom.

She was being treated for lupus at the Riley's Hospital for Children when the football player stopped by to say hello.

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He noticed a photo from prom the year before in her room and told her: "If she ever wanted a better looking prom date, she should hit me up.

"Then she actually hit me up!" he told WANE-TV. "It's been a very fluid process, and I'm glad I'm here tonight."

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