Erin Barry Denies She Played a Role in Eva Longoria's Divorce from Tony Parker

Erin Barry, who some have alleged was the "other woman" in Eva Longoria's divorce from Tony Parker, has finally addressed the allegations. She took to her Facebook page to deny she had an affair with the basketball star or had anything to

The so-called other woman at the center of Eva Longoria's divorce drama is speaking out for the first time.

Erin Barry, a former model, is flat-out denying she had an affair with Eva Longoria's husband Tony Parker.

On her Facebook page Barry wrote: "I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER, nor did I 'pursue' Tony Parker."

The Desperate Housewives star reportedly found hundreds of sexually-charged text messages to and from Barry on her husband's cell phone.

On her Facebook page, Barry also opened up about the break-up of her own marriage to Tony Parker's former teammate Brent Barry:

"My friendship with Tony Parker had nothing to do with the end of my marriage [...] and to assume that we had an affair is naïve, ridiculous, and completely misguided."

The Facebook posting comes on the heels of Longoria and Parker having lunch together at a hotel in Santa Monica.  

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Parker was "begging" Longoria to take him back, but she reportedly told him to forget about it. But Us Weekly magazine says, "It was just a friendly lunch to work out the details of the divorce."