Woman Shocked When Horrifying Helicopter Ride Turns Into Romantic Marriage Proposal

"Mayday. Mayday. Mayday," the helicopter pilot can be heard saying after an engine had supposedly failed.

When it comes to dramatic proposals, this Georgia couple takes the cake.

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In a shocking video by Making Movies Jealous Proposal & Wedding Services, Kwame Thomas, 39 can be seen proposing to his now-fiancé, Dyan Swift, 33, on a helicopter pad -- after they had just ridden what Swift thought would be the final ride of her life.

She had begun the experience believing that she was about to be "girlfriend of the year", when the helicopter company called, and offered her a free trip.

"He was trying to build up some publicity for this helicopter tour company and all we had to do was leave a review," Swift assumed.

She was told the company had obtained a list of guests at the hotel they were staying at, and sought out a few couples to offer a ride. The company, who turned out to be the team her boyfriend hired, even suggested that they keep it a secret surprise.

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Knowing that her then-boyfriend loved helicopters and flying, she decided to go ahead and lock in the trip.

Little did she know that Thomas orchestrated the entire operation.

Thomas told IE.com that his elaborate plan was conceived in late December.

"I knew I wanted to propose, and I knew I wanted something over the top," he said. After seeing a surprise proposal video that Matt Still coordinated, he was inspired to reach out him and Michael Mueller, who did the entire videography,

Thomas then slyly suggested to Swift that that the two were due for a mini vacation, so they planned a trip to nearby Atlanta. As a finishing touch, Thomas even booked one of the only hotels with a helicopter pad.

But when Swift led him up to the roof on that day in March, Thomas pretended to be shocked, and Swift didn't suspect a single thing.

"I'm about to give the best gift ever to Kwame. He's been working so hard, and he needs this," she thought, as the couple excitedly boarded the helicopter.

Of course, it was really her that was surprised when, during their bird's eye tour from Buckhead to the Georgia Dome, an alarming distress signal went off in the helicopter.

"I'm nervous, but Kwame's still cracking jokes," she said. "I'm thinking 'I'm about to die, my sister's going to have to raise my kids. I don't know if I'm going to fall to my  death and explode, but God is calling me back.'"

"I'd like you all to remain calm," the pilot can be heard saying over the alarm that appears to signify the failing engine.

"Emergency landing, engine out... All traffic please clear the landing," she says, and finally repeats the haunting words, "Mayday. Mayday. Mayday."

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But Thomas told IE.com, "Of course I knew it was fake, that was part of the entire plan," he said.

Finally the pilot, who had set the whole scene up, lands the plane safely on their original helipad.

"I see Kwame getting low," she said, adding that the helicopter's blades were still spinning, "so I'm thinking we're supposed to stay low."

She knelt down beside him, but Swift told IE.com she was completely caught off guard when he pulled out a ring, made a speech and asked, "Dyan, will you be my wife? Will you be my permanent plus-one?"

Despite all the ups and downs, Swift agreed, and told IE.com after: "Some people have said that they would be mad, that it as a trick that was played and it was scary, but I don't feel that at all in that moment. When you go through something traumatic and you have each other, and you go out the other side ... I was glad he was with me. I'm not mad at him, and I was never in danger. I was literally on top of the world."

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With no intent to break up the romantic moment, the team who planned the whole thing tapped the couple on the shoulder, and told them that even though the entire prank had been pre-planned, there was still some paperwork to be signed in the lobby.

Swift finally let her guard down, and decided to take the stairs after being told the elevator was broken.

That's when she came face to face with all eight of their children, holding signs and flowers as one last surprise.

"I wanted the kids to be a part of the moment," Thomas said, explaining that he had three kids from a previous relationship, she adopted three children when she was single, and they recently had a pair of twins together. "Big family, big life."

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"He's so nonchalant. He doesn't have any pomp and circumstance," Swift later told IE.com, which is why she never suspected a single thing.

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