Ronni Chasen's Will Revealed

The contents of a will Ronni Chasen had has been revealed. In that will, the murdered Hollywood publicist left one niece $6 million and the other just $10! INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A will murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen had tells a story of turmoil and mystery.

It's prepared under her real name, Ronni Sue Cohen.

She leaves most of her $6 million estate to a niece, Melissa Cohen. But she pointedly leaves only $10 to another niece, Jill Gatsby.

"I have intentionally and with full knowledge of the consequences omitted to provide for my niece, Jill Cohen, also known as Jill Gatsby, except for the gift of $10," Ronni Chasen writes.

"You usually specifically exclude someone in the will when you just plain don't like them or like the way they've treated you during your life so you make a point of sort of dissing them at your death and making sure they don't profit from it," explains trust and estate attorney John Q. Kelly.

The will was written in 1994, but friends say as recently as two months ago she was talking about re-writing the will. What changes she was planning to make aren't know, and whether a possible new will played any role in her murder is also a mystery.

Jill Gatsby is the daughter of well-known Hollywood producer Larry Cohen, who made the '70's cult horror films It's Alive and C.H.U.D.

What alienated her from her aunt isn't known. But in a video posted on YouTube, Gatsby sings a song dedicated to Chasen. At the end she pauses and says wistfully, "It's for you, Ronni."

Actor Todd Rotondi, who co-stars in the movie Howl with James Franco and was a regular on As the World Turns, is a former friend of Gatsby's.

"I just liked her, she was full of life, she was extremely intriguing, extremely interesting," he says of Gatsby.

But he says she had another side. He says he was taken aback by what he describes as her angry reaction when he backed out of a horror movie project with her.

"I was a bit disturbed," he tells INSIDE EDITION.

Gatsby apparently took her professional name from the classic novel The Great Gatsby, while her aunt took her name from the legendary Chasen's restaurant, the scene of countless star-studded Hollywood parties before it closed in 1995.

Ronni Chasen's brother, Larry Cohen, is claiming there is a second will that his sister wrote in 2006 that supersedes the 1994 will.