Military Father Surprises His Deaf Daughter By Entering The Room During Their Skype Session

"You owe me a big hug when you get back," Amber, 13, can be seen saying to her father in sign language just moments before he walks into the door.

A Delaware girl got the surprise of a lifetime when her Army dad surprised her by walking through the door as the pair chatted during their weekly Skype session. 

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Tech Sgt. David Opperman has been deployed overseas since October -- the longest he has been gone from the family in his 20 years in the service. 

To accommodate how hard its been for his youngest daughter, Amber, the school made a special arrangement to allow her to miss part of class every Wednesday to Skype with her father because of the time difference overseas, her mom told

Amber, who is deaf, thought that week she would surprise her father by inviting her mom to join them for lunch over Skype.

But little did the 13-year-old know, her father had an even bigger surprise for her.

Her mom, Yvet Opperman, told that they had been planning the moment for almost three weeks.

David Opperman originally told her that he would be returning days later, and his 16- and 19-year-old daughters were in on the secret. He then video called Almber that day at 12:20 p.m., as per routine.

"You owe me a big hug when you get back," she said to her father in sign language.

When they hung up the phone, Amber clearly didn't expect her father to walk in the door only moments later.

In a video shot by Nick Cartolaro from the Pennsylvania School For The Deaf, Amber can be seen looking to her dad as he walked through the door, and back at the computer screen, where just moments before, she was told he was still deployed.

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Finally, she walks up to her father, and embraces him as tears roll down her face.

"I didn't expect her to cry. She was hyperventilating and she has asthma," Yvet said. "She was in tears and she was happy -- excited and emotional at the same time."

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