Woman Tries To Use Movie Prop Money to Buy Mayonnaise: Cops

A New York woman tried using bills clearly marked "For motion picture use only" to purchase mayo, police in Cheektowaga say.

A New York woman was arrested this week after police say she tried to use movie prop money to buy mayonnaise.

Cheektowaga police say Rinet Fox, 47, tried pass off a fake $100for the condiment purchase at a Restaurant Depot store on Wednesday.

The jig was up after someone allegedly noticed the bill said clearly at the top: "For motion picture use only."

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Fox was arrested and charged with possession of a forged instrument. She was arraigned and released on her own recognizance, police said.

According to Buffalo News, the mayonnaise incident was not the first instance of someone in the area trying to pass off movie money as the real thing in recent weeks.

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On April 20, a man reportedly told Cheektowaga police that he sold a pair of shoes to a person and received the knock-off bills as payment.

Days before, on April 17, another man reportedly told police he received three of the fake $100 bills as payment for some property he'd sold.

Police say the bills look totally authentic aside from the "motion picture" disclaimer plastered across the top.

Cheektowaga Police have warned local businesses to carefully inspect cash they receive, especially $100 bills.

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