Michael Douglas Speaks

Michael Douglas looked energetic as he signed autographs outside his New York apartment over the weekend. Meanwhile, his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, was spotted smoking in the wake of Douglas's throat cancer battle. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Michael Douglas speaks out about his brave battle with stage 4 throat cancer.

A video photographer caught up with Douglas in New York and said, "You're looking well, sir."

"Thank you very much. Feeling a little stronger every week," said Douglas.

The Oscar®-winner sounded vigorous as he signed autographs outside his New York City apartment building.

It's now been 8 weeks since he completed grueling radiation and chemotherapy treatments to remove a walnut-size tumor on the base of his tongue.

Douglas said, "We'll all know what happens in January."

A photo was taken just last month of a smiling Douglas at Disney World with his family after the cancer treatment was completed. Now we're finally hearing the 66-year-old actor speak again.

And a photo of wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, also taken this weekend, showed her smoking a cigarette while walking her dog in Central Park, even though her husband blames smoking and drinking for the throat cancer which the world now hopes has been brought under control.