Cops Want to Interview Doctor As Part of Prince Death Investigation: Report

Dr. Howard Kornfeld sent his son Andrew Kornfeld to Prince's Minnesota home with a drug used to help treat opioid addiction.

Police investigating the death of Prince are now seeking interviews with a doctor hired to treat the singer in the days before he was found dead as well as his son, who reportedly discovered the legend dead.

Officials told the Associated Press that investigators have some questions for California-based physician Dr. Howard Kornfeld, who runs the outpatient addiction treatment clinic Recovery Without Walls.

Kornfeld was reprtedly hired by Prince's camp on April 20, to help the singer kick a painkiller habit. Kornfeld was told Prince was "dealing with a grave medical emergency", his attorney told the Star Tribune, and that he needed to get to Prince's Paisley Park compound as soon as possible.

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However, Dr. Kornfeld's schedule reportedly did not allow him to leave so abruptly, so he sent his son on an overnight flight to Minnesota with a drug they believed could help Prince.

Police want to talk to Dr. Howard Kornfeld and his son, Andrew Kornfeld (pictured), about their relationship with Prince. Neither is accused of any wrongdoing. (Picture: Recovery Without Walls)

The son, Andrew Kornfeld, is the person who found Prince unresponsive at his home and called 911, according to Kornfeld's attorney, William Mauzy.

Andrew Kornfeld was reportedly carrying the opioid addiction treatment medication buprenorphine to administer to Prince ahead of his father's scheduled arrival to Paisley Park on April 22.

Prince was found dead April 21.

As they attempt to determine the circumstances surrounding Prince's death, investigators now want to know if Dr. Kornfeld and his son had a longer-term medical relationship with Prince.

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 Neither Kornfeld is accused of wrongdoing. Attempts to contact Mauzy on Saturday were not immediately successful. 

According to the Recovery Without Walls website, their clinic seeks "to resolve problems that other clinicians have found difficult, if not impossible to solve."

"Recovery Without Walls has been nationally recognized for its research in advanced pharmacology for chronic pain management, including its use of Buprenorphine, also known as Suboxone® or Subutex. By carefully studying the successes of Buprenorphine in Europe, Recovery Without Walls has stayed years ahead of other pain practitioners," the site reads.

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