Patrons Leave Waitress a Massive Mother's Day Tip After Learning Her Baby Was Sleeping at Home

Ashleigh West was waiting tables at a North Carolina Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo when one of her tables decided to celebrate her motherhood.

A North Carolina waitress received a big tip ahead of Mother's Day after a couple of kindly patrons learned she had a baby asleep at home.

Ashleigh West was doing her typical Friday night shift at a Waxhaw Mexican restaurant last week when she mentioned to one of her tables that she had a baby asleep at home while she slung tacos and margaritas to Cinco de Mayo revelers.

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The patrons must have felt sorry for the young mom, because they left behind a $101.79 tip, doubling their total bill.

"A family decided to bless me after I had mentioned to them that I had a baby sleeping at home," West wrote on Facebook.

Making the gesture all the more emotional was the message the patrons left on the receipt: "Happy Mother's Day!"

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"I almost cried," West said.

Now her story is going viral and the world is learning about West's blessed Cinco de Mayo. Meanwhile, the identities of the customers behind the Mother's Day gesture remain shrouded in mystery.

Whoever they are, West wants them to know she's truly grateful.

"They left before I saw this but I wish I could've told them thank you x's a million," West said.

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