Michael Vick's Fiancé Speaks Out

Michael Vick's fiancé stood by him throughout his dog fighting scandal. INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to the woman behind the embattled NFL star.

She's Michael Vick's girlfriend and bride-to be, and Kijafa Frink is talking for the first time about his journey back from zero to hero.

"He's so grateful. I wish people could see just how grateful he is for a second chance," said Frink.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "Is Michael a monster?"

"No. Not at all. Never has been," said Frink.

But for more than 3 years now, that's exactly how people thought of Michael Vick. The monster behind a multi-million dollar dog fighting business that killed, tortured and traumatized dogs.

Now those boos are being drowned out by cheers. He's back on top with the Philadelphia Eagles and on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Michael Vick and Kijafa have been together eight years and have two daughters. In fact, she was pregnant when Frink was arrested in 2007. But through all those years of public vilification and 19 months in prison, she's stood by him, and says she never wavered.

Alexander asked, "Did you ever consider leaving him?"

"Never. It was never a thought that came across my head to leave him," said Frink.

Visiting the disgraced star behind bars in federal prison was devastating. Frink recalls, "There was a glass wall between us. So we couldn't touch. We couldn't kiss, or hug."

And the memory of breaking the news to their daughter still brings Frink to tears.

"She was looking all around the house she says, 'mommy, I can't find him. I can't find my daddy where is he?' And I was like, he's in jail. He's going to be there for a while," said Frink.

Since returning to football, Vick has led the Philadelphia Eagles to first place in their division. He also works with an animal rights group, speaking out against dog fighting.

But before starting his journey back, he had to make amends at home.

Alexander asked, "What did he say to you behind closed doors?"

Frink said, "He sat me on the bed and said 'I just want to tell you I'm sorry for putting you, my mother and the kids through this embarrassment through this shame, through this humiliation.' "

Frink now has her own costume jewelry line, sold online on pnkelephant.com.

We noticed another ring. After eight years together, they're getting married next year.

Alexander asked, "Can I see the ring?"


"Gorgeous! Did he get down on one knee?" asked Alexander.

Frink replied, "He did. He got down on one knee and he asked me if I would be his wife and I said yes."

Like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and other stars tarnished by scandal, Vick has somehow found a way back.