Watch Kids React To Their Moms' Makeovers: 'Is That You Mommy?'

These moms have finally found a way to keep their kids quiet.

These moms have finally found a way to keep their kids quiet.

The children, who featured in an adorable video by make-up artist Stephanie Nadia, were so shocked to see their mothers following makeovers that they couldn't utter a word.

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The video shows children, between 18 months and 6 years old, reacting to their moms in full, glamorous make-up for the first time.

One child, Mathias, compared his mom to The Joker -- before correcting himself and saying she looked like Harley Quinn, "which meant beautiful in his eyes," Nadia told

Some of the other children and their dads were simply stunned into silence. "Is that you mommy?" one child asked.

Nadia, a make-up artist from Brooklyn, New York, said she decided to pamper the mothers after creating another video in which she gave couples makeovers to show how they might look when they're old.

"After creating my couples aging video and having an incredible time seeing the couples react to each other's looks, I was curious to see how children would react to a transformation," she told "And who better to transform dramatically than their own mothers. I thought it would be perfect, especially since Mother's Day was right around the corner."

Some of the moms were surprised by their looks, too, she said.

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"I intentionally went outside of everyone's comfort zones to see what they thought about these glamorous looks,' she said.

But they all loved the experience, which was a nice break from their hectic days.

"One of my goals, whether they liked the makeup or not, was to make sure they enjoyed the experience," Nadia said. "I think most of them eventually got used to it and ended up loving it even if they weren't sure about it at first. One mother told me the next day her children were asking what happened to her glitter eyes."

To see more of Stephanie Nadia's videos, visit her YouTube channel here.

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