Ariel Winter Takes Swipe At Birth Mom With Mother's Day Photo

The 'Modern Family' star thanked her sister for raising her.

The feud between Ariel Winter and her mom took a nasty turn on Mother’s Day.

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On Sunday, the Modern Family star posted a photo of her sister, Shanelle Workman, on Instagram where she gushed about her sister being a motherly figure.

She also thanked her 37-year-old sister for raising her.

“I will always have a special place in my heart for those years you raised me as your own,” Winter wrote in the post.

In 2014, her sister gained legal guardianship after Winter battled their mom, Crystal Workman, in court accusing her of physical and emotional abuse which her mom has repeatedly denied.

Crystal told IE: "It was like a death. It was one of the most painful things I’ve been through in my life.”

The distraught mother said she is the one who has been abused "physically" and "emotionally." 

Crystal says she loves her daughter and hopes to repair the relationship.

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“This has become such a runaway train,” Crystal said. “I have forgiven you.’ All you have to say is ‘I love you.’”

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