Daredevil Newlyweds Reveal How They Took Heart-Pounding Photos on Cliff Ledge

Kevin and Christie Coleman posed hundreds of feet above the ground.

Photographer Jay Philbrick specializes in capturing extreme cliff hanging pictures.

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“I've been a climber my whole life since I was 18 so it's just something that I’m used to,” he told IE.

He directs all the shots from his harness which dangles 450 feet in the air.

Philbrick has captured some unique photos thanks to his fearless subjects.

Newlyweds Kevin and Christie Coleman put their vows to the test on a ledge hundreds of feet off the ground for their Philbrick photos.

“We didn't know how different it was going to be but I guess this is kind of what you call unique,” they said.

IE was with the couple as they went over the edge in the white mountains of New Hampshire on an early spring morning.

Once they were in position, Christy had the challenging task to get into her wedding gown on the side of the mountain.

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Philbrick said: “Where else do you get up before sunrise hang on a rope and go over the edge to a spectacular edge to a cool ledge and pose and get some pictures?”

“We wanted to have a story behind our photographs around our wedding, we wanted to have not just your traditional wedding photos, but also like a day after our experience,” Christie added.

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