Tiger Cubs Have a Grrrreat Time During Visit To Children's Hospital

Australia Zoo's newest tiger cubs Scout and Delilah recently paid a visit to some patients at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

Patients at an Australia hospital had a grrrreat time when they were treated to a visit from two adorable tiger cubs.

Scout and Delilah are the newest tiger additions at Australia Zoo, where keepers recently let them out for a day of prowling, playing and petting with patients at Brisbane's Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

If footage from this week's visit is any indication, just the sight of the baby big cats was enough to lift the entire facility's spirits.

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The rambunctious felines even chilled out long enough to let the hospital patients cuddle up to them.

The Sumatran tiger cubs later put on a show in which they took on a massive crocodile sculpture to the delight of patients and parents.

Scout and Delilah were introduced to the world in early April by Bindi Irwin at the zoo her father, the late Steve Irwin, once so proudly called home.

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According to the Australia Zoo website, these are the second pair of cubs born at the facility following Hunter and Clarence in 2014.

Like their half-brothers, these cubs have incredible genetic importance to the global breeding program due to their wild bloodline from their mother, Kaitlyn, the site says.

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