London's New Muslim Mayor: Trump's 'Ignorant' Take on Islam Could Make America 'Less Safe'

He is backing Hillary Clinton for office and hopes she "trounces" Trump in the race for the White House.

London’s newly elected mayor is criticizing Donald Trump, saying his comments about Islam are “ignorant” and could make Britain and America “less safe.”

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Sadiq Khan, who is the first Islamic mayor of a Western city, slammed Trump on Tuesday over the GOP frontrunner’s proposed ban on Muslims entering America.

“That means if you are somebody who wants to go on holiday, you want to go to Disneyland, you're a businessperson who wants to go and do business there - or if you're somebody who wants to be a student in America - because you are a Muslim, you could be stopped from going there," he told the BBC.

Khan, who replaces longtime incumbent Boris Johnson, said Trump's "ignorant view of Islam could make both of our countries less safe - it risks alienating mainstream Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremists," the Press Association reported.

The 45-year-old Khan will take office in a city where Muslims comprise 12 percent of the population.

“I want our businesses to do business with American businesses, I want our universities to take students from America. We're open for business. And so you know, as the mayor of London, I'll speak to, within reason, anyone if it's in the best interest of our country,” he said.

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Khan was born in London to Pakistani immigrants and grew up in public housing with his six brothers and sister. He entered politics in 2005 when he was elected to Parliament.

He supports Hillary Clinton over Trump in the U.S. presidential race .

“I hope that she trounces him,” he said.

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