How Does A Mentalist Pull Off His Biggest Tricks?

INSIDE EDITION analyzed Oz Pearlman's act.

How does a mentalist pull off his biggest tricks? INSIDE EDITION is finding out.

Oz Pearlman, who has been shocking TV audiences with incredible feats of mental telepathy since appearing on America’s Got Talent last season, agreed to hit the streets of New York with IE.

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When he asked a stranger to pick a big word out of a magazine, she chose "possibilities" -- and he guessed correctly.

When asked how he did it, he simply responded: "I can tell you but then I’d be out of a job."

So what's his secret?

Hollywood mentalist Mark Edward and IE’s Lisa Guerrero analyzed a clip from America’s Got Talent, in which Pearlman asked the judges to predict how many gumballs were in a jar.

Judge Mel B. guessed 325. Pearlman then opened an envelope containing a piece of paper with the actual answer, which was 327.

He then played a pre-recorded message, in which he correctly guessed that Mel. B would be just two gumballs away from the answer. The audience gasped in shock.

How did he do it? IE's Lisa Guerrero noticed that after Mel B. held up her answer, Pearlman appeared to hide behind Nick Cannon while writing on the envelope. Inside, Guerrero suggested there was a sheet of carbon paper on which he wrote "327."

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“He wrote it after he saw her number," she said.

“You are not far off the trail," Pearlman told her. "You are not dead on but not far off the trail.”

She asked: “So, how do you do it?”

He replied: “Can you keep a secret?”

“Yes,” she said.

He declared: “So can I.”

Watch the video above to see whether anyone -- including IE's Lisa Guerrero -- can become a mentalist. With the help of popular mentalist Eric Dittelman, she successfully guessed what the audience was thinking. Dittelman said that while it takes years to perfect a mentalist's performance, he was willing to teach Guerrero the basics.

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