At Home With America's Only All-Girl Quintuplets As They Turn 1

The five babies also have a big sister.

America’s first all-girl quintuplets are celebrating their first birthday.

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Parents Danielle and Adam Busby have their hands full with the five babies, and they also have a daughter in preschool.

“I have half-a-dozen girls,” Danielle told IE.

It's constant chaos in the household from changing diapers to feeding, the parents say they are “outdaughtered.”

“Now we're at the crawling stage and starting to walk,” Danielle said. “It's just baby proofing, gates. It is just diapers and spit up and crying. It just stinks all the time in here.”

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Transporting the babies is a military operation, even for a day in the park. Fortunately, they have an eight passenger van.

The family’s adventures will be documented in the TLC series Outdaughtered that premieres Tuesday night.

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