Mom of 2 Who Lost Her Leg to Drunk Driver Hopes to Make Paralympic Team

A mother of two who lost her leg when she was hit by a drunken driver hopes to compete in this summer's Paralympic Games in Brazil.

Natalie Bieule, a Florida mother of two young girls, has her hopes set on making the Paralympic team as a discus thrower for this year's games in Brazil.

The 33-year-old lost a leg in a car accident at age 18, when she was hit by a drunken driver. But she never stopped being athletic.

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She has been training for two years, learning to throw the discus and how to maneuver her prosthetic blade to support the long-distance hurl.

She tried various track-and-field events including the shot put. "To me, it was just an automatic relationship to the discus," she said. "It reminds me of dancing ... finding that rhythm to throw," 

Her husband converted a barn in their backyard into a gym, where she works out every day. She's also teaming with Kellogg’s this year and will even be on her first cereal box. 

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Her dedication came from her grandfather, who lost a leg to bone cancer that ultimately spread and took his life. He always believed in her sports ability, she said.

But her children inspire her.

"My girls are my No. 1 inspiration," she said. "If mommy's doing it, there's nothing that they can't do."

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