Artist Who Put Trump Tombstone in Central Park Says He Feels 'Good About It'

Artist Brian Whiteley paid $2,000 for the tombstone to be made.

The artist who bought a tombstone containing Donald Trump’s name that mysteriously showed up in Central Park has been identified.

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Brian Whiteley is the 33-year-old performance artist who commissioned the granite slab that had New Yorkers scratching their heads in March.

The New York Times identified the artist Tuesday who paid $2,000 for the tombstone that said “Trump, Donald J,” contained the GOP frontrunner’s birth year, 1946, and the epitaph: “Made America Hate Again.”

Whiteley told IE: "I feel good about the piece, I didn't want to be revealed. It was not a death threat. I knew it would be perceived many different ways and I hope that they see it more as an art project." 

Michael Cassara, a fourth generation owner of Supreme Memorials in Brooklyn, carved the stone.

He admitted that after he saw the tombstone making headlines, he was shocked.

He said: "I turn on the news and go, 'Are you f***ing serious? This is not good!' Cassara is actually a Trump supporter.

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The Trump campaign hasn't commented on the tombstone -- which is now resting in peace at a police warehouse.

Artist Brian Whiteley has not been charged with any crime.  

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