Storm Chaser Says Dangerous Debris Flew Over His Car While Capturing Tornado

Gabe Cox's heart-stopping footage showcased a farm being destroyed.

Amazing video of storm chasers driving right into monster tornados ripping through the Midwest is fascinating the country.

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One video showcased a twister eating everything in its path.

Gabe Cox, the storm chaser who shot the fearsome footage, spoke to IE about his heart-stopping video that captured a farm being destroyed. 

"There was debris flying overhead. We had sheet metal flying over our cars. We had been filming out the windows and had to roll them up," he said. 

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What does wind that strong feel like up close?

IE producer Morgan Manousos stepped into the wind tunnel at the University of Maryland where the wind speed was cranked to107 mph.

“It's hard to breathe with winds that high,” she said.

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