Intriguing New Clues in Ronni Chasen Murder Mystery

New clues are coming to light as the investigation into Ronni Chasen's mysterious murder continues. INSIDE EDITION looks at just-discovered surveillance video which might help police find out what happened to the Hollywood publicist.

It's an important new clue in the Beverly Hills murder mystery that could break the case wide open.
Chasen was at Hollywood's W Hotel attending the Burlesque after party.

After the valet delivered Chasen's car about 12:15 a.m., she drove one block down Argyle Street and turned right onto Sunset Boulevard.

Driving west on Sunset, she passed the all-night grocery stores and diners that populate that portion of the Boulevard.

At approximately 12:26 a.m., just as she passed the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, she called her office to leave a to-do list voicemail for her staff, unaware of the danger that lay just ahead.

A surveillance camera on a quiet tree-lined street captured Chasen's final moments alive.

After being shot five times in the chest, she continued driving slowly until she drove into what used to be a light pole.

A just-discovered surveillance tape reveals a mysterious black Lincoln Town Car driving past the crime scene moments after Chasen was gunned down.

Could that surveillance tape provide the clues to solving the murder? Could the mysterious car have been directly linked to the shooting or could it have simply been an innocent passerby who chose not to stop?

Retired LAPD Captain Tom Elfmont says the surveillance video could be key to helping cops in the investigation.

"What kinds of things would the police be looking for on the tape? I imagine a license plate?" INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero asked Elfmont.

"That would be the number one thing they would want, to see if they could enhance the tape to pick up a plate on the Town Car and they would also want to enhance it just to see if they could spot anything else in the neighborhood," he explained.
It's a new twist in the Hollywood murder mystery that continues to intrigue the nation.