Rescue Team Frees Stray Cat Who Got His Head Stuck in a Fence

The rescue team said they think the cat was shot at with BB guns, and in a panic to escape, he ran through the wrong hole in the fence and became stuck.

This feline was no match against a wrought iron fence.

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When a stray cat got his head inside a fence last week, the Los Angeles Animal Services Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team, otherwise known as SMART, were called to free the poor animal. 

Armando Navarrete, who led the rescue mission, told that the cat, nicknamed Midnight, was a stray often seen in the area.

Neighbors told him that the cat was often seen “coming in and out of the bottom of the fence,” without a problem.

But when the SMART team arrived on scene, they immediately noticed wounds on the stray from two BB gun pellets.

Though Navarrete said it was not clear how the cat was wounded, he assumed the cat “got shot, ran, and went through the wrong hole,” and ultimately got stuck.

“Hey kitty cat, you went through the wrong hole?” Navarrete can be heard asking as the cat flinched to his touch.

The rescue team enlisted the help of a vet technician, who sedated Midnight as the team tried to free him from the gate.

Navarrete can be seen in the video rubbing mineral oil on the cat from one end of the fence, and gently maneuvering him out while another member of his team tried to push the cat out from the other end.

After Midnight, who rescuers estimate to be around two or three years old, was finally freed, he was wrapped in a blanket and loaded into a crate. He was then brought to a local shelter.

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According to veterinarians who examined the cat afterwards, other than the wounds from the BB gun, Midnight suffered “no injuries otherwise.”

Soon after being rescued from the fence, he was adopted by a loving family.

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