Watch Minnie Driver Let Loose on Neighbor Amid Nasty Feud: 'You Are A Danger!'

The actress is engaged in an ongoing war with her 75-year-old neighbor over their property lines.

Grosse Pointe Blank star Minnie Driver has been slapped with a lawsuit by her 75-year-old neighbor, who has accused the Oscar-nominated actress of trespassing and assault.

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Driver and neighbor, Daniel Perelmutter, have engaged in a series of disputes about their Hollywood Hills property since he purchased the land in 2014 with intent to build a home.

In footage provided by Perelmutter's attorney, Brandon Fernald, Driver can be seen calling her neighbor "a danger to everyone" who lived in the neighborhood.

The two homeowners have been fighting over access to a common driveway, in the lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Perelmutter claims Driver has derailed construction efforts to their property by obstructing the entrance with a gate.

“She is making it very difficult for us to live in peace,” Perelmutter told Inside Edition. “As far as she is concerned it is her property. And I am not allowed to use it.”

Perelmutter wants the gate removed.

He also believes the Good Will Hunting actress threw baby food jars filled with black paint to deface his wall.

“When I confronted her about it the other day, I said: ‘Did you enjoy vandalizing my house?’ Her response was ‘You deserve every bit of it,’” he said.

Driver has obtained a restraining order, saying she fears for the safety of her children. She says, "Mr. Perelmutter cursed us, and blew cigar smoke in my children's faces.”

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Driver also claims "on two occasions, Mr. Perelmutter leaped out in front of my car."

Daniel told IE: “I am not in any condition to leap onto her car. I am not in any condition to walk. Imagine leaping?”

In a statement to IE, Driver's attorney, Ellyn Garofalo, said: "Daniel Perelmutter has been the bane of his neighbors for years. Ten years ago, the previous owners of Ms. Driver’s home were forced to sue Mr. Perelmutter for interfering with their ability to use a common driveway to reach their property. Mr. Perelmutter filed this lawsuit in retaliation for a contempt proceeding in which Ms. Driver alleges that Mr. Perelmutter is back to his old tricks and had violated the 2006 Court order entered against him.

"Mr. Perelmutter’s recent misconduct affect not only Ms. Driver, but the other homeowners who share the driveway with Mr. Perelmutter. These neighbors fully support Ms. Driver and are working with her to stop Mr. Perelmutter from his ongoing violations of the 2006 Court order and restore their access to their homes.  Mr. Perelmutter’s lawsuit is frivolous and will be successfully defended." 

Brandon Fernald, who is representing Daniel Perelmutter, said in a statement that Driver has made "an inappropriate use of her celebrity status" by "trying to convince the media she’s the victim."

"Ms. Driver refuses to be a good neighbor and make allowances for the temporary inconvenience that results from a neighbor’s construction. In fact, her actions have delayed a project that -- but for her interference – long since would have been completed."

The lawyer added that a restraining order against Mr. Perelmutter has never been issued.

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