Meet The Blind Man Who Can 'See' Using Echo Location

Daniel Kish is able to ride a bike thanks to his superpower.

He is blind, but that doesn't stop Daniel Kish from riding a bicycle in city traffic. 

He peddles down busy strrets, turns corners and avoids cars, thanks to something he calls "echo location."

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He makes clicking sounds that act as a kind of human sonar. The noises bounce off objects and "I'm hearing the reflection of sound that comes back," he told INSIDE EDITION. 

For IE, he demonstrated navigating  a passage way between buildings without hitting anything.

Does he have super powers?

"I haven't been bitten by a radioactive spider or anything," he said.

In Houston, Steven Wilshire could be considered a super-human of artistic skills.

He is mesmerizing folks by drawing a three-foot by 12-foot mural of the downtown skyline - all from memory.

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Art expert Lea Weingarten told IE that the artists "perspective is perfect."

He took a helicopter ride over the city, and committed the downtown area to memory.

"Tree by tree, building by building, lamp post by lamp post," Weingarten said. "The detail in which he sees it is so extraordinary."

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