Is Ronni Chasen's Murder Connected to Other Beverly Hills Crimes?

A series of crimes around Beverly Hills echo the murder or Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen and have some asking if there's a connection. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Was it a targeted hit or random street crime?

That's the question being asked about the murder of publicist Ronnie Chasen, following the revelation that other motorists had been also been attacked within days of the publcist's mysterious death.

Cops in Covina tell INSIDE EDITION they are now talking to Beverly Hills police about a possible connection between that incident and Chasen's slaying.

Just one week before Ronnie Chasen was gunned down in her Mercedes in Beverly Hills, another woman driving alone just blocks away says she was threatened by a gunman. She says the man was driving like mad, cutting people off behind her, and when they approached a red light she says he pulled up next to her, rolled down his window, smiled and pointed a gun at her. Luckily she got away with her life.

A friend of the woman sent this urgent email to some residents in Beverly Hills:

Hi ladies, something that I wanted to warn you about in the hood. A neighbor told me last week a guy with a shirt tied on his head-gang garb and pointed a gun at her. She ignored him and drove on.

And ten days after Chasen's murder, a 53-year-old man in Covina, 20 miles east of Beverly Hills, was shot through the window of his car at 12:50 a.m., almost the same time of Chasen's shooting. Could there be a connection?

Meantime, Chasen's niece Jill Gatsby is speaking out about being left just $10 in the Hollywood publicist's $6 million-plus will.

"I loved my Aunt Ronni very much. She was my favorite aunt," said Gatsby.

Gatsby told INSIDE EDITION, "As for the $10.00, that's a real family secret regarding Ronni and my career as a writer which am choosing to keep to myself at this time."

Jill is also opening up about a YouTube video of her singing a tribute to her aunt that she recorded shortly after the murder.

"The song was just something i did when i was sick with the flu and feeling helpless to do anything about my aunt's death," said Gatsby.