The Incredible Journey: Dog Reunites With Owner After 2 Years Apart

The reunion was made possible thanks to a microchip implanted in the dog.

After two years, a dog and his owner have reunited, thanks to the magic of a microchip implanted inside the pet.

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Jose, of Wisconsin, was reconnected with his dog, Chaos, on April 29 after his pet was discovered in an Illinois driveway – nearly two hours away from his home.

Jose was contacted by the Winnebago County Animal Services in Wisconsin, who alerted him that they had found Chaos and used the tracking device to find the pooch's owner.

“I did debate getting the microchip for Chaos because at that time, it was all about affordability. I was living paycheck to paycheck and was worried about food and shelter. But I just had this feeling that it was the best thing to do, and it turned out to be the best thing I ever did,” Jose told animal services.

Just two years ago, Jose had to give up his dog when he fell on hard times and was living out of his car. The dog became too big for the conditions his master was in. Jose wanted a better life for his best friend.

According to a Facebook post from the Winnebago County Animal Service, Jose said: “Chaos helped me through so much in my life, I took him everywhere with me!”

Jose gave the dog to a friend of a friend and when he says he got back on his feet, Chaos’ new owners refused to return him.

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“I didn’t think I would ever see my dog again,” a heartbroken Jose said.

Late last month, Chaos was found roaming in someone’s driveway in South Beloit, Illinois, it still had the same tags and ID from when Jose was his master. Members of the Winnebago Animal County Services drove to the town and picked up the stray to bring it back for tracking tests.

On April 28, Jose received an email to renew his microchip. He became crestfallen recalling his times with his dog when a moment of kismet occurred – the phone rang and it was animal services.

“I was speechless and I couldn’t stop smiling. I just couldn’t believe it,” Jose said.

The next morning, Jose arrived at the shelter to retrieve the dog, and Chaos jumped all over his best friend in a greeting for the ages.

The ecstatic owner said: “I couldn’t be any happier, I feel amazing!”

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