Marine Dad Surprises 10-Year-Old Daughter at Atlanta Braves Game After She Sings Anthem

Staff Sergeant Clayton Walker is heard over the PA: "Tonight, I'm here for my daughter Cassidy, with the choir singing the national anthem."

Even though the audience came to watch the Atlanta Braves, everyone was cheering for this Marine dad who was the real MVP at the game.

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Cassidy Walker, 10, was in center stage with her choir at the Langston Rhode Elementry School. They were scheduled to sing the national anthem before the Wednesday game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Just before they sang, a special message was played on the Jumbotron from Walker's dad, who has been deployed for nearly a year in Italy.

“How’s it going Braves fans?" Staff Sergeant Clayton Walker can be heard saying, "I’m currently deployed here at Sigonella, Italy.” 

He said he wanted his daughter to know that he was watching her sing, and adds: “Cassidy, I can’t wait to be home soon and I can’t wait to see you.”

Cassidy was then shown tearing up on the screen as her friends in the choir comforted her.

The elementry students sang the "Star Spangled Banner" as expected, and suddenly, the stadium announcer exclaims, "All the way from Spigonella, Italy, please welcome Staff Sergeant Clayton Walker!” 

The father and daughter pair sprint to meet each other toward the middle of the field in a reunion that even had the Phillies players clapping.

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The school's choral director Sheila Clopton later wrote on Facebook that she was contacted by the Atlanta Braves about a week before the big day to help organize the reuion of her student and her father.

"I don't think there was a dry eye in the stadium after that," she wrote.

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