'Hero' Seen Pulling Man Out of Burning Car in Heart-Stopping Video

Cell phone video captures the moment a man springs into action to rescue a complete stranger.

A man was rescued from a burning car by a complete stranger whose cell phone captured the incredible event.

Santiago Portillo said he was at work in a Riverside, California, mattress store Tuesday when he spotted the burning car.

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He was busy recording the inferno when he realized someone was trapped inside the vehicle, he said. He put down the phone, but it kept recording as he pulled the driver from the wreckage with flames licking his heels.

"He saved my son," the man's mother told Inside Edition.

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Riverside cops said the driver was street racing when his speeding car flipped over and burst into flames.

The driver says he was not racing.

He suffered a broken leg and a head wound, police said.

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