Charges Dropped Against Postal Worker Who Was Arrested After Shouting at NYPD Cops

Charges against a Brooklyn postal worker who was arrested after an unmarked police car almost sideswiped his mail truck were dismissed Thursday.

Charges against a Brooklyn postal worker who was arrested after an unmarked police car almost sideswiped his mail truck were dismissed Thursday.

“I am so happy. I must thank God,”   told reporters after the misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges were dropped, the New York Daily News reported.

Grays, 27, was delivering mail when a vehicle came barreling down the Crown Heights street and nearly clipped him on March 17, he said.

The mailman jumped back onto his truck to avoid getting hit by the car, which flew back down the block in reverse when Grays shouted at the driver.

The car held four plainclothes officers, the Brooklyn borough president’s office said.

A video of the incident shows Grays, in his postal uniform, as he is handcuffed, frisked and brought to the unmarked car.

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“Stop resisting!” the officers repeatedly yell at Gray, but Gray's attorney says the video shows no evidence of the postal worker putting up a fight.

“I’m not resisting!” Grays says and mentions that his fiancée is an NYPD cop.

Grays said he was put in the back seat of the police car without a seat belt, according to The New York TimesThe driving officer, whom Grays claimed had taunted him, then allegedly slammed into the vehicle in front of them, causing Grays to bang his shoulder against the front seat, the Times reported.

Grays was taken to the 71st Precinct, where he was issued a summons for disorderly conduct before he was released.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said in a statement that he asked the court to dismiss the charge against Grays "in the interest of justice."

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams thanked the DA for "righting a key piece of the wrong [Grays] experienced" by dismissing the charges, saying in a statement: "From the first moment I viewed the cell phone video footage of the questionable arrest of on-duty postal worker Glenn (sic) Grays, it was evident that he endured a clear miscarriage of justice.

"The arrest of Mr. Grays impacted people across this country, with millions affected by seeing the troubling policing conduct he faced," Adams said. "The lives of young men of color hang in the balance when fundamental violations of one’s civil rights are allowed to persist unchecked.

"I appreciate that Commissioner Bratton and the NYPD are taking the internal review of this case seriously, and I trust that we will be a stronger city, state, and nation from working to correct the root causes of this behavior," he continued. 

Grays also thanked the resident who filmed the incident, saying: “I can’t thank them enough,” the News wrote.

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Several of Grays’ colleagues attended the hearing wearing “I am Glen Grays” shirts.

“This calls to examine the demeanor and posture of the officers involved in this case,” Grays’ attorney Kenneth R. Ramseur said outside court, calling the incident an “abuse of power.”

“Words were exchanged, no weapons involved,” he continued. “A lieutenant was there and they thought they were protecting the public by arresting him.

“I'm confident Commissioner Bratton will look at this case thoroughly," said Ramseur, who the News reported is considering filing a lawsuit against the city on Grays behalf.

The lieutenant who supervised the officers was placed on modified duty.

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