The Root of a Problem: Woman Climbs Tree, Gets Swallowed Inside

Police and firefighters sprung into action to remove a woman stuck in a banyan tree.

A Florida woman found herself stuck in a tree after she attempted to climb in its exposed roots.

The unnamed woman, from Key West needed help from local police and firefighters to get her out of the banyan tree Sunday.

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The woman, said to be in her 30s, told authorities “it looked like fun” when she decided to climb into the banyan.

It took seven minutes to free the woman, but the story is living longer after the Key West Police Department posted about it on Facebook Tuesday.

In the post, they wrote: “Key West Police Officer Scott Standerwick and Fire and Rescue helped this local woman who got herself stuck in a giant banyan tree. Protect and serve!”

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Banyan trees, which are native to India, are plentiful in Key West. They are a species of fig where roots grow out of the ground.

Key West’s urban forestry manager Karen DeMaria told the Miami Herald that climbing the tree does not hurt them. However, removing someone who is caught in the tree could possibly cause damage.

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