Trump Denies He Posed as His Own Publicist To Brag About Exploits With Women

Trump has denied it is his voice heard on a newly surfaced audio recording from 1991.

Donald Trump has adamantly denied the voice on a newly uncovered interview is the GOP presidential frontrunner posing as his own publicist as he brags about the stable of actresses looking to date him.

The audio clip, recently obtained by The Washington Post, is a 1991 interview between a People magazine reporter and a man who calls himself “John Miller.” 

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The recording was unearthed by Post reporter Mark Fisher. 

“There is a certain voice, a certain cadence, a certain rhythm, a certain speech mannerism that are very distinctly Trumpy,” Fisher told Inside Edition. “There are at least a half-a-dozen editors and reporters that got these calls on a regular basis from him. We do not have an exact number but it seems it is something he did regularly. We also spoke to some of his former executives that say they heard him in his office making those calls.”

In the clip, "Miller" can be heard commenting about Trump’s relationship with then-girlfriend Marla Maples following his divorce to his first wife, Ivana.

“Marla wants to be back with him and he wants to be with her, but he just feels it's too soon,” the publicist is heard telling People reporter Sue Carswell. “He's somebody that has a lot of options, and, frankly, he gets called by everybody. He gets called by everybody in the book, the types of women.”

Carswell followed up, asking: “Like who?”

“I mean, they call. They just call. Actresses, people that you write about just call to see if they can go out with him and things,” the rep responded.

The man bragged about The real estate tycoon’s conquests like Italian model Carla Bruni, who would later become France’s first lady. The rep also alleged that Madonna wanted to date Trump.

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Miller also told the reporter: “I mean, he's living with Marla and he's got three other girlfriends. Off the record, he probably felt Marla wasn't the right one, or whatever, but he just felt that it was too soon.”

In 1991, Carswell was suspicious that "John Miller" was in fact, Trump posing as a publicist. The reporter even played the tape for Marla Maples, who reportedly burst into tears and confirmed that the man on the tape was her boyfriend.

As news of the recording broke, Trump quickly went on the defensive.

Trump told Sean Hannity Thursday night that The Washington Post is out to get him.

“They are taking these stories and they have no proper information and in many cases, they are slapping them together,” he told the Fox News host.

On Friday morning, Trump told the Today show: “I don’t know anything about it. It doesn’t sound like my voice at all. I have many people trying to imitate my voice — sounds like a scam, doesn't sound like me.

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